Ann Liu

San Francisco, California

I care deeply for the experiential and the experimental. I believe in Organizational Psychology. It applies to many contexts, within communities and tribes of all levels (teams, startups, families... even your local neighborhood). I get excited over building programs from scratch, in hopes of creating memorable takeaways for each person it connects to, and at the same time align with business results. I find fulfillment in making a change within - creating inspirational and productive experiences with the work we do.

I balance my People Ops world with my love for marketing, design, and the power of composition and color. They are tools we all can use to make the work we do successful, meaningful and engaging.

My most recent passion project is volunteering with CultureLabx as San Francisco's Community Manager. We develop workshops that showcase a variety of models in culture design: visual thinking, brand strategy, positive psychology, experience mapping and more.

Pinterest, Instagram, and Medium are my favorite media indulgences. Interpretations of personally curated vision boards, photography and online writing fulfills my love for marketing, design, and analyzing behavior.